Mutton Bustin' Fad Is Helicopter Parents' Worst Fear (VIDEO)

mutton bustingAs a native Coloradan, I've seen my share of rodeos. I never thought they were very exciting until a few years ago when I was introduced to mutton busting: you throw a kid under 6 onto the back of a lamb and see how long the kid can hold on while the lamb runs berserk all around the ring. It's like bronco busting for toddlers!

I gasped and then started choking on flying rodeo dust. What in Sam Hill -- parents are doing this to their kids? Does Child Protection Services know about this? And can I sign up my son?


Mutton busting has got to be the ultimate in free-range parenting. All I keep hearing from the latest batch of experts is that kids these days are too afraid of taking risks. We're raising a generation of children who are so afraid of failing, they won't try anything new -- and they're going to grow up into adults who can't innovate.

But these rodeo parents put their kids into a situation where they're guaranteed to fail -- everyone falls off their lamb. Then those kids get back up on their feet and many of them turn around and try another ride. It's inspiring. It's about always getting up, dusting yourself off, and getting back on that wild ride. I love that idea. 

And yet ... OH MY GOD DEATH BY LAMB TRAMPLING! Supposedly that never happens. I mean, the lamb is running away from the fallen child, not back over the kid. But those flying hooves seem like they're just going everywhere. Clearly mutton busting is not just a valuable life lesson -- it's also the best way to scare the pants off your typical helicopter parent. Just watch.


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Are you brave enough to let your child try mutton busting?


Image via Larry1732/Flickr

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