Lost 2-Year-Old Rescued by Teen's Last-Minute Decision

forest trailYou know that little voice you hear sometimes in the back of your head? The one that tells you in no uncertain terms to make a certain, sudden choice and you have no idea why, but when you listen, you're always glad you did? For example, it might insist you drive a different way to the grocery store than usual ... so you do, not really knowing why, only to find out later that you would've been part of a deadly five-car pile-up if you took your regular route.

I don't know what to call that voice, but I do know that I'm always sorry when I don't listen to it. Thank god 18-year-old Trevor Vetort of Michigan heeded his little voice this week -- in doing so, he likely saved a toddler's life.


Vetort was headed to class at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College when, for some reason, he decided to go for a last-minute run at J.W. Wells State Park (where, by the way, he's a part-time ranger currently on layoff).

He took off down a muddy, obscure trail rarely traveled by joggers or hikers, which makes the next thing that happened all the more incredible:

As Vetort ran alongside the trees separating the trail from the highway, he was shocked to see a 2-year-old boy sitting on the damp leaves and grass.

"I almost ran right up on him, then I heard him crying," says Vetort. "He wanted me to pick him up ... he was crying, 'Mommy.'"

Poor little guy! Apparently the toddler wandered almost a mile away from his home, where his mother and several other people were desperately searching the front yard for some sign of him. Police returned the boy to his mother after Vetort carried him over a mile to the park rangers' station. No one is sure yet how long he was lost in the woods, but the child was fully clothed and wearing his boots and a hat (his mother suspects he lost his coat in the forest somewhere; I believe it, knowing how much 2-year-olds love wearing coats).

I shudder to think what would have happened to that kid if Vetort hadn't gone for a jog on a whim! Definitely a story to remember the next time you're tempted to tell that little voice to be quiet.

Of course, Vetort never did make it to class that day. I assume his professor will understand.

Can you remember a time when you were glad you listened to that little voice?


Image via mtsvancouver/Flickr

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