'Toddlers & Tiaras' Star Ditches the Hooker Outfit for Something Even Worse

harleyWhat's worse than dressing up your toddler like a prostitute? Well, maybe nothing. But the mom of 3-year-old Toddlers & Tiaras star Paisley Dickey did commit another kiddie fashion fail that was almost more offensive than the Pretty Woman get-up she dressed her in not long ago. Actually, I think it was more offensive, because there was no yellow fright wig this time (which at least made the hooker outfit seem sort of silly).

Thanks to her mom, precocious Paisley got a headstart on the trampy Halloween costume trend this year. No round orange pumpkin or frilly Disney princess costumes for this kid: Why waste time on such juvenile attire when you can dress like a half-naked biker chick? Boots and all?

Um, I don't know, maybe because ... you're 3!!!


It's not the biker thing that bothers me. The Harley-Davidson jacket is adorable. But that little black dress with the sparkles? Not exactly authentic motorcycle gear. Unless you're just going to pose on the bike to be photographed for a tacky calendar that will end up hanging in some pathetic guy's bathroom. (Yeah, I said bathroom.)

So Paisley has gone from dressing like a cheap hooker to a ... cheap wannabe model?

It's good to have goals! Yes, as parents we must always encourage our daughters to dream big.

I want to ask what's motivating this child's mother to continue to dress her like some groupie from the background of a Whitesnake video, but maybe I don't even want to know. I have to believe that, even though the general public flipped out after the Pretty Woman incident, this woman truly doesn't realize that there are plenty of sick, bad people out there who look at her daughter and think she's more than "real cute."

Why do you think Paisley Dickey's mom dresses her in skimpy outfits?

Image via Matthias Schack/Flickr

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