2-Year-Old Conjoined Twins Separated in Amazing 9-Hour Surgery

conjoined twinsSometimes I think surgeons are more like magicians. I'm sure Ginady Sabuco feels that way about the team of 40 doctors, nurses, and assistants who spent 9 hours separating her 2-year-old conjoined twin daughters Angelina and Angelica yesterday at Stanford University's Children's Hospital in California. Or successfully separating, I should say. Because miraculously, long-term prognosis is good! Both girls are expected to make a "full recovery."

It's just mind-blowing. If Angelina and Angelica were born a few hundred years ago, before these miracles of modern medicine were possible, they would have lived a short and extremely difficult life: Conjoined twins often didn't live past infancy; those who did were faced with incredibly limited options, such as being forced to travel with a circus, billed as freaks.

As a parent, this story is a powerful reminder to be grateful for something I usually take for granted ...


We don't think about it every day, but we're all so incredibly lucky to be parents now, at this point in history. Raising kids is hard enough -- can you imagine what it was like before antibiotics were discovered and public hygiene was a concern? Something like the flu could be fatal, never mind more serious illnesses or conditions.

Now, kids like Angelica and Angelina actually have a shot at living a normal life. Handicaps and chronic diseases aren't an automatic death sentence.

Sure, we complain about modern "threats" to childhood like too much technology and an abundance of junk food and the like, but I still think we've got a lot less to worry about than our ancestors did.

Angelina and Angelica are beautiful little girls who deserve every chance of happiness. Just look at the two of them in the video below ... they're beyond precious.

And the surgeons who separated them deserve a huge holiday bonus.

Are you glad that modern medicine is available to you as a parent?

Image via USAToday

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