Dying Mom Needs Help for Her 13-Year-Old Son

Cancer is always tragic no matter how young or old the victim. But when the victim is only 48 years old and someone who cares for so many people, including her 13-year-old son, it's made all the more horrific.

Theresa is a friend of a friend of mine, a woman who has lived in the same place in Massachusetts for 25 years and made many friends and close relationships there. She is 48 years old and the mother of five children and five grandchildren. Last April she learned that she has non-curable metastasized stage 4-lung cancer.

Gregory, her youngest child, is just 13 years old. Personally, I know what Gregory will go through emotionally having lost my own mom as a teen. But it's hard to imagine what Theresa will go through knowing how much she still wanted to do for her youngest child.


Money is one of the main issues. A funeral is expensive and raising a child is expensive. Theresa needs money for both. Her family and friends have set up a website to try to get money to help with both her funeral expenses and her son's future. A portion of the money raised will also go to The Jimmy Fund Dana Farber Cancer Institute. The fundraiser is called Thoughts for Theresa.

As parents, most of us can only sort of imagine what she must feel. Leaving a child too soon is a nightmare, one we hope we will never face. But if we did face it, the only way we would get through is with others' help.

When a person is dying, the last thing on their mind ought to be the financial burden their death puts on their family. She should be enjoying her last months with the people she loves, not worrying about them financially. We can't make the cancer go away or assure her that her son won't suffer emotionally (he will, as will all who love her), but we can help ease her financial burden.

We moms have different ideas about everything and sometimes we fight about them. Some of us spank, some of us don't. Some of us are soft, some are hard. Some of us co-sleep and breastfeed and other use bottles and a crib. But on these issues, we are all one. We all love our kids and want what is best for them.

Even if you could only pledge $1, isn't it worth it? Isn't this what you would want if you were in her shoes?

Will you donate?


Image via Teresa's Family

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