Mom Who Dug Up Dirt on Fast Food Joints Banned From Eating There

play areaYou know that heroic mom who has been crusading against repulsively dirty and alarmingly disease-contaminated kids' play spaces at fast food restaurants like McDonald's, Burger King, and Chuck E. Cheese, in hopes of persuading them to clean things up?

How do you think one of those restaurant chains has repaid her for her noble, child-protecting efforts? Go on, guess!

By insisting all franchises thoroughly sterilize the shoots, slides, and crawl-throughs in all indoor play spaces, clarifying cleaning protocols, and releasing those detailed protocols to customers? Nope!

By sincerely thanking her and giving her free drink coupons? Don't think so.

McDonald's has showed Erin Carr-Jordan its gratitude by banning her from eight of its Phoenix-area restaurants, issuing her a letter from its lawyers that threatens her with criminal charges if she dares set foot in any of them again.

What a McOutrage!


Carr-Jordan, a 36-year-old mother of four, has told the Arizona Republic she's pretty sure what set the McDonald's lawyers off was an instance in which, she said, she discovered antibiotic-resistant Staph or MRSA, which can be deadly, in the PlayPlace of one of the restaurants from which she's been banned.

Listen, I understand McDonald's needs to protect itself, but it really ought to rethink its decision to boot out this mom who's trying to protect not only her own children (whom she can obviously just keep out of these play spaces), but other kids (yours and mine) as well. The restaurant claims it is open to hearing about Carr-Jordan's concerns, but slamming the door in her face (and clicking the lock) is a McStrange way to show it.

I hope the chain will reconsider its actions and allow Carr-Jordan to continue her important pursuit of cleanliness and safety for our kids unhindered. (She's aiming to get federal and state lawmakers to pass legislation requiring that health and safety standards be met in indoor play spaces.) I also hope that her stomach-turning fast food play-space revelations will prompt them all to clean up their acts and their indoor playgrounds so that they're as safe as they are fun for our kids.

Sweeping Carr-Jordan's findings under the (play) rug won't make them any less toxic.

Will this latest move by McDonald's make you less inclined to go there and to let your kids play in the restaurant's place space?

Image via Jan Tik/Flickr

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