Schools Banning Scary Halloween Costumes Have No Imagination

scary maskOK people, this is just getting ridiculous. An elementary school has informed the students that they have to dress in "caring" Halloween costumes this year. That means nothing scary and no masks. Attack on the holiday take five?

Staff at the Colonel Walker and Ramsay schools in Calgary, Canada, are using Halloween to teach the kids about community values. As such, they say they need to put a limit on what kids wear into the school building. It sounds more like they've put a limit on fun.


Now hold on! That doesn't mean we can't have limits, people. Telling the kids to leave all weaponry at home (so you don't have to separate two kindergartners from their plastic sword fight) is one thing. Telling kids they can't dress as a ghost this year because it's not warm and fuzzy enough just makes it seem like you don't "get" what the holiday is all about.

It's the one day of the year you get to be someone else! Just because a kid dresses as a Jedi doesn't mean he's heading into the Clone Wars tomorrow. And a kid's preference for one of those Scream masks with the oozing blood doesn't make him a serial killer. It's make believe. It's fun. And it happens ONE day out of the year.

Fact is, most of us will never get to thank the Academy. We won't star in a blockbuster. But on October 31 every year throughout childhood, we get to step into our favorite characters. One day I will have to break the news about fairies (shh, don't ruin it), but on Halloween, my kid can actually BE Tinkerbell.

Now put that up against "learning community values." You're yawning too, aren't you? Which do you think she'll remember forever?

There are more than 100 days in school to learn to be a good neighbor. There's just one day when mom lets you draw scars on your face and eat 20 Milky Way miniatures. Give it a rest already and let these kids enjoy the fruits -- and fruit snacks -- of childhood.

Would this fly with your kids?


Image via sofakingon/Flickr

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