Chinese Toddler Death Has Arrests, But No Justice

chinese toddler run overIf you haven't heard about this horrible story out of China, be prepared to be shocked. A video began circulating about a week ago of a 2-year-old girl who was run over in the street -- twice -- and 17 people walked, drove, or bicycled by her without stopping to help. That alone is horrifying. Watching the video is even more so.

While we all debated what this meant about China and society in general, the little girl died in the hospital due to her injuries this past Friday. It's way too late for little Wang Yue, but now with the arrests of two men in the case, we can hope some justice is served. Of course, the two drivers of the trucks that ran over her are not the only ones to blame in her death.


All 17 people who walked by that baby girl who lay in the street bleeding for 7 minutes only to be run over AGAIN should be responsible for her death. If I were to leave a toddler in the street, whether or not he was injured, I would also be culpable. Since I have a 2-year-old, I know how small and utterly dependent toddlers are at this stage. Someone, anyone, should have picked up that baby girl and ran, not walked, to a hospital.

Some discussion has pointed to the fact that so-called Good Samaritans have been subjected to lawsuits in China. But once again, this was a 2-year-old girl who had been run over in the street. A bleeding, dying toddler. Who could see this and keep on going? How can you not want to protect a helpless child? I simply cannot wrap my head around this, but I do know those who couldn't be bothered should have to pay.

Absolutely the men who drove the vehicles should be charged. Especially the first hit-and-run driver who appeared to realize what he had done, paused, then drove over her again. What the hell? But the rest of the people who stepped over her and did nothing are also to blame.

I would say that these people surely have a hard time sleeping at night now that this little girl has died, but I doubt anyone who could step over a bleeding child and go about their day could have a conscience at all.

Do you think the bystanders should be charged along with the drivers?


Image via YouTube

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