2-Year-Old Girl Uses Cell Phone to Save Her Mom's Life (VIDEO)

larissa taylora lia vega
Larissa Taylor and daughter Lia Vega
You know how you're always trying to pry your cellphone out of your toddler's hands? Don't bother! Houston mom Larissa Taylor is alive today because her 2-year-old daughter, Lia Vega, likes to play with her mommy's phone. (And because Mommy likes to talk to Grandma a lot, apparently.)

Larissa Taylor, who is diabetic and hypoglycemic, collapsed Thursday next to her 8-month-old daughter's crib from seizures triggered by low-blood sugar levels. And this was no mere fainting spell -- doctors told the family that if Taylor had been lying on the floor for 10 more minutes, she would have died.

Good thing little Lia was around ...


Apparently the toddler saw her mom passed out, picked up her nearby cellphone, and pressed the button to call the last person dialed, who just happened to be her grandmother (Taylor's mom, Bobbie Gonzalez).

Gonzalez was shocked. The grandma says she's used to her daughter passing Lia the phone to "talk," but her granddaughter never made a call all by herself before. Even more shocking, however, was what Lia had to say:

"Mommy fall down to the floor of sissy's bed," the little girl reported. Eeek!

Gonzalez rushed right over and Taylor was taken to the hospital. Now doing fine, Taylor calls Lia her "superhero."

Pretty amazing, right? Of course, one can't help but wonder: Did Lia fully grasp the severity of the situation when she rang up her grandma?

Or was her thinking more along the lines of, Finally, Mommy's sleeping! I'm gonna grab her phone and play with it before she wakes up!

Either way, it's a happy ending. And one that'll make you think twice the next time you're about to say, "No, no. Mommy's BlackBerry is not a toy."

Does your toddler like to play with your cellphone?

Image via KHOU

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