Disney Surprise Backfires on Parents (VIDEO)

Disney SupriseThere's nothing better as parents than the anticipation of exciting your children. Plotting and planning something you know they're going love, then the big reveal followed by shrieks of delight, hugs, and declarations that you are the best mommy ever. Right? Well, not always.

Rina Zeller and her husband planned one awesome surprise -- a trip to Disney World for their two children over fall break. They originally told them they'd be going to Chattanooga to throw them off the trail, so they could really surprise them when they told them their actual destination. Only it wasn't the kids who were surprised. Watch how the kids reacted. 


It's so funny and sad at the same time -- "I want to go to Chattanooga! Not Disney!" followed by real and passionate tears from the girl. I have no idea what's in Chattanooga, but their Chamber of Commerce there should definitely get a hold of this video and start pimping it.

The girl can't even be swayed by promises of princesses and getting her hair done at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. And the boy isn't budging either. Zeller asked her son: "Where would you rather go?" Without pause he answers: "Chattanooga." After the mention of Mickey Mouse at the end, he seems more agreeable.

I wonder if they just don't understand what Disney World is, or if they have friends and family in Chattanooga, or what. But I so empathize with these parents. I can think of countless times I've been so excited to take my children somewhere or to give them something, only to get a less-than-enthusiastic response. While none as extreme as this one, they're all subtle, little reminders that our children will increasingly have their own thoughts and opinions that we don't understand and that our dreams for them will not always necessarily be theirs.

What's the most surprising reaction your kids have ever had to something you thought they would like?

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