Preschool Bake Sale Gets Shut Down by Health Department

fairy cakes bake saleIt's pretty tough to imagine a bake sale being shut down by city officials, right? And no, I don't mean a get-baked sale (pot brownies are for funerals now, haven't you heard?). I'm talking about a harmless preschool bake sale where parents sell cupcakes and cookies and whatever else they happened to have ingredients for when they got home from work the previous evening and said, "D'oh! Tomorrow is that stinking bake sale?"

But that's exactly what happened in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, when a small bake sale held to profit the Rocky Mountain Participation Nursery School was shut down because the moms and dads didn't have a permit to push their homemade lemon bars.

For shame, San Francisco. I get that you're having some kind of anti-foodie movement right now, but a bake sale for a preschool with just 22 students? Get real.


Apparently even Rhajiv Bhatia, the director of environmental health at the city's health department, was aghast when he heard about the bake sale bust.

"The laws are designed for people trying to make a living doing this," he said, his head in his hands (or maybe his head wasn't in his hands, but doesn't that make a better visual?).

Several months ago, San Francisco shut down The Underground Market, an uber-popular monthly food fair for local chefs and aspiring restaurateurs, because vendors were unlicensed. Since then, a bunch of "mini pop-up markets" have been, well, popping up in defiance all over the Bay Area.

So essentially, the preschool bake sale was shut down as part of a sweeping, overzealous effort run by people with no common sense and an inflated sense of authority.

Let me tell you, if I were one of those parents who stayed up until 1 a.m. the night before trying to figure out how to turn on the mixer without waking up the baby, silently cursing myself all the while for forgetting about the @#$!*% bake sale in the first place?

I would have been pretty ticked off. San Francisco Treats? Hardly!

What would you do if your town tried to shut down your school bake sale?

Image via Paul Chaloner/Flickr

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