Toddler Runs Away From Nursery School, Shocks Parents

toddler escapes nursery school
Is this the way out?
If you've got a wily toddler, this story might make you a wee bit anxious the next time you drop him off at nursery school. Especially if your child is anything like a three-year-old named Alfie who shocked the nursery school and his mother when he busted out and ran back home, all by himself.

Yep, a three-year-old showed up on his parent's front door after scaling a three foot fence, crossing a busy road, and making his way home. Little Alfie surprised his mom, who only 45 minutes prior had received a call from the school saying he was doing just fine.

I can understand that the first day of nursery school is hectic. With so many confused little people wandering around, and new teachers getting used to the whole situation, things can happen. I can also see if you have a three-foot fence you might think that would keep the smallest students inside. What's not so cool is what happened when Alfie's mom brought the tyke back to the school.


As Samantha Aldridge brought Alfie through the door, the school hadn't even realized he was missing. Yikes. That's when I would worry. Because let's be honest, that kid was obviously determined to bust out of there. He climbed a fence! A three-year-old! I mean kudos to Alfie for knowing his way home, but what three-year-old goes way outside their safety zone after hopping a fence? Clearly this kid is a fire cracker and no ordinary school can handle him. But I would hope they would notice they were short a student.

I would be a little peeved if no one noticed my own fire cracker went missing. I know three-year-olds are little moving crazy people, but you expect them to not escape -- at the very least -- when you sign up for nursery school. It sounds like a bad match for the family and the school, but I don't know if you can rightly blame either party. Alfie seems like the X factor in this situation.

Who do you think is to blame for this?


Image via Theodore Scott/Flickr

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