Knife-Wielding Pregnant Women Shouldn't Get Babies

pregnantThere are so many things pregnant women need to do while preparing for the birth of their babies. Let's see, there's taking prenatal vitamins, eating right, readying a place for the baby to sleep, and a plethora of others. Nowhere on that list, however, should be getting into a major knife fight. Yet that's just what two pregnant women in Pennsylvania did Tuesday afternoon.

It seems three women, two of whom were pregnant, and one 15-year-old girl were all visiting one man, who was a patient at Crozer-Chester Medical Center. No one knows exactly how they knew him (baby daddy perhaps?), or what happened, but it seems something set them off, and the two preggos reportedly started attacking the other woman and girl. I know hormones run high during pregnancy, but that's extreme.


Mostly it's just sad. While we really don't know the facts about these individual women enough to judge them specifically, the fact is not everyone who becomes pregnant is prepared for motherhood. While some of us feel guilty for weeks if we forget to take one vitamin and would do anything to ensure our babies are born safe and healthy, sadly there are other women who don't. Stories like this make my heart ache for the many children who are put in such danger -- through violence, drugs, alcohol, and otherwise -- before they even enter the world.

Maybe this brawl was just one unfortunate event, and these women really will be great mothers who love and nurture their children. I hope so. But I fear that anyone who would become involved in such violence while carrying a child most likely isn't going to protect that child from such situations once it's born either.

Sometimes I wish women would get graded while they were pregnant, and if you failed miserably then you wouldn't get the baby. Obviously that's not practical or ethical on many levels, but  neither is allowing women to care for babies when they're born when they showed how inept they were at it while carrying them in utero.

What's the most dangerous thing you've seen a pregnant woman do?

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