Someone Finally Makes 'Dora the Explorer' Watchable for Parents (VIDEO)

DoraThere are days that make you smile as a parent: the first tooth in, the first tooth lost, the first time your kid wipes their own butt, the first time your kid wipes their own butt and you don't have to follow up with a handful of TP... But the day your child grows out of Dora the Explorer is not the stuff of smiles. It's the day you haul out the champagne and let that baby pop.

She's too adorable for words. She speaks two languages. But she's as boring as first grade math homework. Until now.


Yes, ladies and germs, someone has finally made Dora the Explorer watchable. Following the repetitive formula that has forced many a parent to consider repainting their family room just to watch it dry while the kiddos take in their favorite bilingual toddler and her red-booted monkey, the tricksters at Greenstorm Film have found comic genius. Behold, and um, kick the kids out of the room:

If your favorite part was Dora whipping out a shotgun to shoot the bad guys, say shotgun!

All joking aside, this video does prove one very important thing: the Dora "let's say everything three times and maybe once more to really annoy your parents" formula works! I did learn something from homicidal Dora and her freaky deaky backpack. Despite four years of high school Spanish (and a 100 on the New York State Regents proficiency exam), I did not know until today that shotgun is "escopeta." So there's something.

Also, I learned that when my kid wants to watch something guaranteed to make my ears bleed, I do not need to paint the living room. I can now plug earphones into my laptop, plug the name of the show into YouTube, and watch a parody that will make me feel less like a horrible parent for wanting to take a shotgun to the stupid fox so he'd just disappear and let the kid get to Candy Mountain so the show will be over with.

Is Dora on your list of "OMG, I can't take another minute" kiddie cartoons too? What show do you wish Greenstorm would remake?


Image via YouTube

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