Heroic Teachers Perform Hallway Miracle (VIDEO)

hallway rescueIf all you ever hear about is how our nation's schools and teachers are failing our children, here's an incredible story of the amazing impact two teachers made on one young girl's life. About two weeks ago, 12-year-old Kylee Shea was walking down the hall of her Frisco, Texas, middle school one minute, and the next she was in an emergency helicopter being airlifted to a hospital. She doesn't remember what happened in the time between the two moments, but what did is nothing short of miraculous.

As seemingly healthy as all the other students, she was passing between classes when suddenly, she collapsed. Her heart had literally stopped beating, and her lips were blue. Had someone not come to her rescue and known just what to do immediately, she almost certainly would have died or suffered permanent brain damage. Fortunately, two amazing and quick-acting teachers did.


Kristen Goodgion and Brent Reese, both coaches at the school, found her and immediately knew the situation was serious. After attempting CPR, they turned to the Automated External Defibrillator (AED), which is required in all Texas schools and they had been trained to use. After two shocks, Kylee started breathing again.

On the Today show, the coaches explained just how terrifying the situation was, because they knew if there was any chance her heart was still beating, the shock would kill her instantly. But they trusted the machine and their training, and it worked. "She started groaning and we're still thinking, 'Did we do this right?'" Goodgion said. "[But] it worked."

The whole thing was caught on school surveillance cameras, and you can see them in action. We can all only hope our children are in the care of teachers who would do the same.

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Since the incident, doctors have found a previously undetected heart defect in Kylee, and she's been fitted with a pacemaker. Doctors call her survival a miracle and say with even a 30-second delay, she wouldn't be here with us today.

Truly an amazing story, and I can't imagine all of the emotions of her parents, from fear to relief to sheer and utter gratitude to these two heroes. For all the bad rap our nation's teachers get, so many of them can and do change our children's lives for the better. And in some cases, like this, they literally save them.

Is your child's school equipped with an Automated External Defibrillator?

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