Woman Who Ran Marathon While in Labor Is Well Prepared for Parenthood

It's something few women who aren't runners know, but it's actually perfectly safe to run during pregnancy. But don't tell that to most people. They're the ones giving pregnant ladies the stink eye as we motor past them faster than they can go.

I know they're wrong, though. I ran through my entire second pregnancy safely and comfortably and I have three different running friends who ran half marathons weeks before giving birth.

Now we have all been topped by one super insane (in a good way) runner mama named Amber Miller who ran an entire marathon (26.2 miles) hours before giving birth and part of it while in labor. All hail the hardest core mama of all. That baby is going to be one tough cookie.


It's that kind of dedication to sport that breeds children who follow in mom's footsteps. If she wants to raise running children, this is the way to do it.

Miller finished the Chicago Marathon by half walking/half running the race. Her time was very slow -- 6 hours, 25 minutes -- but that is to be expected. When you're nine months pregnant, the pace hardly matters! What does matter -- and will matter to her daughter -- is that Miller didn't give up. She kept on going through the contractions and she crossed the finish line.

It says a lot about who she will be as a mom (this baby was her second) and it says a lot about how this baby will be raised. She is a lucky little girl with a running future.

My guess? In 23 years, she will be running her own marathon. Running is a passion and those of us who do it get it. Those who don't do it don't get it.

To some Miller might seem crazy, but not to me. To me she seems like a kindred spirit. I am in awe and also 100 percent sure that I -- or any dedicated runner I know -- would have had the same commitment. And those qualities that made her finish -- tenacity, endurance, strength, and muscle -- are going to get her through the rough parts of motherhood, too.

Marathoners make good mamas.

Do you think she is crazy?


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