Young Boy Who Wandered From Daycare Doesn't Scare Me

Sending our young children to school is an act of faith. We have faith in the people we entrust with our children's care and we believe that they will pay close attention to our most precious commodities, and if they don't, it's a problem.

This is why I feel so badly for the parents in Vancouver who are trying to understand how two children, 8 and 3, ended up without supervision after leaving a daycare there. In September, a 3-year-old wandered away and was later found by a bus driver, while earlier this year, an 8-year-old boy was left behind at a day-camp through the same community center.

Once should have been enough. It's totally, completely, and utterly inexcusable.


The thought of my 3-year-old son wandering away from his preschool and walking along the busy road near it is enough to fill me with nightmares for weeks. I have to imagine if that did happen to me that I would struggle to ever trust anyone with my child again. It's that severe and wrong.

Of the many things a daycare can do wrong, letting children wander away is perhaps up there with actually abusing them.

On the other hand, it's the horror stories we hear about the most it seems. We don't hear about the times the 3-year-old fell and skinned his knee and some amazing teacher kissed his boo-boo and helped him feel better. We don't hear about the best friendships made and the independence cultivated or the letters learned or the books read or the potty training accomplished. Because these are the things we expect.

I pay enormous amounts for my kids' schools and I do expect supervision, but they also get so much more. The horror stories may scare us, but they would never make me home-school or convince me that sending children to daycare or school is a bad thing.

Making decisions out of fear is a weakness. The positives of school far outweigh the occasional horror stories.

Does this scare you?


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