Mommy & Me Playdates Now Coming to a Bar Near You!

kid in barSo the Good Parent Police are all up in arms again, this time over the growing trend of hosting playgroups in pubs. Babies in bars!!! The shame. What sort of delinquents do you expect to raise when Mommy & Me is Mommy, Me & Martinis?!

Okay, everybody relax. It's really not such a big deal. Nor is it such a bad idea. Let me tell you why the concept of little kids in bars makes perfect sense:


First of all, it's not like moms are dragging their kids out to do Jager shots after-hours. Every playgroup of this type I've heard about takes place in the afternoon, when the bar is open, yes, but there are no intoxicated adults swaying on stools or super-loud music blaring.

Secondly, critics seem to assume that the moms in question are going to sit around getting hammered and ignoring their toddlers until one of them finally knocks a frosty beer mug on the floor and gets a shard of broken glass stuck in her foot.

Uh, no. That's not a playgroup, that's an episode of Teen Mom.

The only difference between a playgroup in a bar and a playgroup in, say, a coffee shop is that patrons of bars tend to be more relaxed about stuff like your 2-year-old screaming for a toy than that uptight dude with the laptop who just drank five espressos.

Well, one more difference: Maybe, just maybe, a mommy might find a minute to choke down half a glass of wine. Gasp! How irresponsible!

Give me a break. It really ticks me off that people automatically think that a mom who takes her toddler to a bar is going to drink to the point of compromising her good judgment.

Would you ever take your toddler to a playgroup in a pub?


Image via Andy Bullock/Flickr

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