Heinous Mom Fakes Son's Cancer for Cash

sadIn general, I try not to judge the parenting decisions of others, but I feel pretty alright saying a woman in the UK who faked her son's cancer so she could collect some cash is lower than low. She convinced school officials, friends and family, and even the boy himself that he was sick with cancer over a two-year period of time so that she could receive caregiver benefits.

She hasn't been named for legal reasons, but according to a story in the Daily Mail, the 36-year-old mother of five pulled off the huge fraud when the boy, now 9, was 5-7 years old. The extreme lengths she allegedly went to in her efforts to convince people he was sick and undergoing chemotherapy are heinous and heartbreaking.


From shaving the boy's head and removing his eyebrows to making him wear a bandanna and miss school activities, her deceit knew no boundaries. The worst part by far is that she actually convinced the boy himself he had cancer. It makes me shake with anger just thinking of anyone doing that to any person, especially when it's a mother doing it to her very own son. At that age he surely knew enough about the disease to be terrified for his own life. I don't care how much you need money, that is inexplicable.

And what an outrageous injustice to all of the parents out there whose children are actually suffering from cancer. All of those parents who would give anything in the world for their child to NOT have cancer. How could anyone mock what they're going through in such a brazen and contemptible way?

She also claimed her daughter was sick, though which affliction she made up for her isn't clear. In all, she collected about $160,000 in the scam. Finally, she got caught. She's currently out on bail and doesn't appear in front of a judge until December. There is no mention as to if her children have been removed from her home, but I hope so. Anyone who would commit such acts has no business raising children.

Have you ever known anyone to fake a child's illness?

Image via Armando Maynez/Flickr

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