Amazing Grandmother Delivers Granddaughter in Car

Most of the time when we hear about grandparents, we don't hear all the best things they do. But one grandmother in Iowa gets constant baby visiting privileges after she delivered her own granddaughter on the side of the road.

Totally amazing! It's so good to have multiple generations at a birth. Usually she doesn't deliver, but still I love this.

The fact is, moms hire doulas and midwives and professionals who are supposed to "know" birth all the time. But all it takes to really "know" birth is experience with it. So who knows birth more than the very woman who gave birth to you?


I tried to put myself in the grandmother's shoes and certainly I would be overwhelmed with fear that my little girl was going to die in childbirth. But the fact is, we are one of the few countries where birth is something that happens in a hospital. All over the rest of the world, people give birth at home, attended by family and midwives.

This idea that multiple generations would usher in a new life is pretty amazing and grandma is pretty tough -- someone this mom is going to want around all the time, it seems.

Not every mom is this awesome. Personally, having anyone besides my husband and midwife in the room wasn't something I wanted. But I imagine if my mother were still alive, I would have loved to have her there. I watched her birth my sister when I was 8, so it would feel like things came full circle. I kind of love that idea.

As for the baby, who was named for her grandmother, she will always have that bond with her. What better way to be born than to fall into the arms of someone who loves you?

Since the story has a happy ending, it's a very happy story, indeed. Everyone is fine and this little girl has a story she can share her whole life.

Did you want your mom at the birth?


Image via alicegop/Flickr

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