Is Justin Bieber Encouraging This Toddler to Tweet?

justin bieber sisterHold onto your tweens parents, there's a new Bieber in town. Justin isn't the only social media star in his family, but perhaps that's not a good thing. After all, the next Bieber who is jumping into the Twitter pool is his little sister, Jazmyn. And by little sister, I mean seriously little. Jazmyn is three years old.

Yep, this toddler has her own Twitter account and even though she has still not sent one single tweet (umm, I'm guessing she can't type, read, or speak in full sentences), @jazzykbiebz already has 154,582 followers as of right this second. What the hell, Twitter? Why is a three-year-old allowed to be on any social media site? Especially a famous one who will have hundreds of thousands of followers -- not all of them innocent kids -- watching her every tweet? And why does her older brother want more people to follow his toddler sis?


Personally, I think Justin Bieber is too young to be on Twitter at 17, and I don't understand why in the world Twitter got rid of the age requirement of 13. At the least you should be 18 before you're allowed to toss out inane comments in 140 characters or less. Kids and Twitter really don't mix. Sometimes adults and Twitter don't mix, so imagine what would happen if little Jazymn got caught in a Twitter war? Or if she (her mom/handlers/whoever the hell did this) tweet something that will live forever and define her, and she's only three?

Honestly, I don't know what the point is in setting up a Twitter account for Jazmyn Bieber. To get her "brand" out there? To show that there are two more at home just like Justin? After all, the description does read: I am older sister to Jaxon and younger sister to Justin. But more importantly I am me!

Maybe Justin money isn't enough for the Bieber household and they want to get our on the circuit. Or maybe they just think it's cute. No matter what, it's ridiculous. Toddlers shouldn't be on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIN, or whatever else is out there that I have on idea about because I'm too old. Let Jazymn have a normal childhood without 154,582 followers waiting to see what she'll do next.

Do you think it's okay for Jazymn Bieber to have a Twitter account?


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