Military Dad Delivers Best School Lunch Surprise Ever (VIDEO)

Matthew PetersIt's been a rough month for a lot of families. Kids are back to school, but they're not quite settled in. Structured days are hard to handle after a summer of freedom. And so we parents try to come up with things to make it easier, stuff like slipping a little goodie into our kids' lunchbags to make them smile. But one military dad has totally topped us all in the lunchtime surprise category.

Specialist Matthew Peters of Owensville, Missouri, skipped the handwritten note or the package of fruit snacks. Instead his son got him, fresh off a one-year deployment in Kuwait and Iraq and home 10 days earlier than expected.


In what might be one of the sweetest "military homecoming" videos to show up on the web yet, Peters surprised Blake while he was eating lunch at Washington West Elementary School:

It's hard to say who was more excited there, isn't it? A dad who finally got to wrap his arms around his child or a child who finally got to grab his dad and never let go. Either way, I'm going to hazard a guess that Dad was much cooler than anything on that plastic tray.

The cool thing is you don't have to be in the military to make something like this happen. It's eminently more special because Peters was away for so long serving our country, but many schools welcome regular parents dropping in at lunchtime to share a meal with their kids on occasion. Usually you have to plan ahead -- like this Dad obviously did -- but sitting in at school lunch can help brighten your kid's day and give YOU a better sense of what they deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Would you ever do something like this?


Image via YouTube

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