Autistic Boy Suspended for Dressing Like a Banana (VIDEO)

Banana BoyI'm all for discipline and order in our nation's schools, and in many instances think more, not less, is needed. But there has got to be some common sense involved when it comes to achieving it. Unfortunately, there was not even a trace of common sense to be seen when a 14-year-old boy was recently suspended in Virginia for dressing up like a banana.

Brian Thompson was the prankster who donned the bright yellow costume at Colonial Forge High School. He didn't do it during school hours, but rather at the school's football game last Friday night. He didn't even disturb the game; during half time, he ran along the sidelines in his bright yellow getup hoping to get some laughs. Watch him go in this video ...


Instead of just asking him to split, however, the cops were called. While he fortunately wasn't arrested, he was handcuffed and put in the back of the car. His final sentence: A 10-day suspension ... for dressing up like a piece of fruit.

While I would argue that any student who pulled such a prank doesn't deserve such a harsh punishment, it should also be noted that Thompson has autism. Autism often comes with plenty of social challenges, so it's likely this boy was just trying to win the affections of his classmates in a way he thought acceptable. For the school to ignore that is insensitive at the very least. If the rules state no one must be on the field, then perhaps punishment is warranted. His autism shouldn't necessarily excuse him from any consequences, but in this case, the punishment is far from fitting the crime.

His fellow students are outraged and have taken to wearing "Free Banana Man" t-shirts; his mother is appealing the case. Hopefully, someone will realize how bananas this whole case is and let Thompson back into school.

Do you think a 10-day suspension is overboard for this boy's prank?

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