Teeth Whitening 6-Year-Old Throws Fashion Week's Biggest Tantrum

Eden WoodYou had to guess a little drama would come out of New York Fashion Week. You've got high-strung designers. Models who haven't eaten in years. Anna Wintour in the house. And The Real Housewives' official crazypants Kelly Bensimon hosting a "toddler fashion show." But the official scandal of the fall fashion event belongs to a 6-year-old throwing an old-fashioned hissy. 

But there's nothing old-fashioned about what former Toddlers & Tiaras "star" Eden Wood thought she deserved. She wanted to get her teeth whitened before strutting on stage as Bensimon's co-host. At 6 years old!


The good news is she wasn't allowed because she lacks permanent teeth -- hence her hissy fit. But the very fact that a 6-year-old was concerned about the color of her teeth makes me want to brush mine vigorously to rid my mouth of the vomit that came up. Compared to moms dressing their kids up as hookers and sticking in padded bras, this may be just a wee blip on the Toddlers & Tiaras Sherman-style march across our sanity.

But unlike a costume donned for one event and then cast off, teeth whitening has a permanence to it. It's a cosmetic procedure, tied directly to vanity. There's no question these pageant kids are vain. But teeth whitening is something done specifically to fix a flaw.

Should a 6-year-old really think she has anything on her body that needs fixing?



I say this as the mother of a 6-year-old girl, a girl who has only two of her permanent teeth right now, and whose body is going to change a lot over the next 10 years. Puberty is going to be tough; it's tough for any girl. If they can't deal with the small adjustment of losing their baby teeth and moving on to the permanent ones without wanting to "fix" them, just imagine what will happen when their hips spread and their chest develops.

Then again, Eden's parents were willing to pair her up with Kelly Bensimon -- of all people -- at Fashion Week -- of all places. She's got a lot more issues than most 6-year-olds it seems. I'm not disturbed so much as ... sad. Sad that a little girl already hates a portion of her body enough to think it needs to be improved.

Do your kids even KNOW what teeth whitening is? Does this strike you as sad?

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