Day Care Drugging Scares Parents Everywhere

day care drugging
Not Child at Day Care
Talk about the laziest day care operator of all time! Kimberly Lane, the owner of Luv n Learning Child Development Center in Texas -- who also needs to learn how to spell -- was busted drugging the children in her care with antihistamines so they would sleep while on her watch. Yep, what one harried mom might do while on a plane ride became a daily ritual at this day care center, until employees tipped off the authorities about what kind of crazy was going on with the children who were between 20 months and 4 years old. Luckily, Lane has been charged with 16 felony counts of child endangerment.

You know, if your kids are all asleep and you're sitting around watching Oprah, you're not actually earning your salary. I could slip my kid some Benadryl and watch "my stories" all afternoon, but that wouldn't make me a good mom.


It is every parent's worst nightmare to discover that their child has been drugged while in another person's care. Even worse, it would be really difficult to discover given the ages of the kids, and their propensity for naps. Since Lane was hiding it in their milk, they also weren't being lined up and given a shot of it, so these little ones had no idea why they were so sleepy.

I just hope at least one kid who was drugged had the opposite reaction, like some kids do, and went all hyperactive on that lady, ruining her plans for kicking back with her television and a cold one. You know they can't have all passed out at the same time, leaving her to slip out the back and run errands. But no matter how many kids were knocked out by her actions, and how many weren't, I hope she's facing child endangerment for every child in her care. That is one messed up lady, and she deserves to pay for putting these children's lives in danger.

It's hard enough to drop your kids off at day care when you have to work without worrying all the time. Always drop in unannounced a few times after you choose a day care, and always get feedback from other parents before you give your child over to someone else's care.

Of course, this lady seems pretty good at hiding what she was doing, so perhaps these parents did everything right and were still tricked. Thank goodness for at least one person in the day care who did have a moral center and reported that nasty woman.

Do you worry about your kids at day care?


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