Toddler Who Suckles From Cow Makes Breast Vs. Bottle Debate Seem Silly (VIDEO)

boy drinks milk from cowFor the most part we can all agree -- breast is best when possible ... though some express their feelings much more adamantly than others. But what about when it's not a mother's breast? How about say that of a cow, which is technically an udder?

A 20-month-old boy in Cambodia is currently in the spotlight because he drinks his milk directly from the cow. I'm guessing even those who find formula akin to cocaine and breastfeed their kids until kindergarten would say it's time to wean this kid STAT.

The pictures are shocking and the story is sad really. It makes the whole breast vs. bottle wars seem a bit silly when some are so desperate. We're fortunate to be able to provide our kids with food and choose what kind of food to provide them, and shouldn't waste so much time judging others for their choices ... except perhaps when it comes to letting a kid drink directly from a cow.


The boy lives with his grandfather, as his parents are off in search of work. According to an Associated Press story, the boy saw a calf doing it this summer, and was hungry, so he tried it. He's been doing it ever since, and people are outraged that his grandparents allow it. The grandfather said he tried to stop the boy, but he protested so much, he just lets him do it. He reportedly suckles the cow twice a day.

On one hand, it's about as natural of a source of food as you can get -- there are certainly no preservatives or additives, and many promote the virtues of raw milk. Others, of course, say it's dangerous, and some U.S. states have gone so far as to ban it. So there's that.

The biggest concern I see here, however, is this kid getting kicked or stepped on. It looks like the cow is okay with this arrangement and all, but it wouldn't take much for a big old cow to crush a toddler. Besides that, it's just so bizarre.

I don't know. Maybe if I lived on a farm or something, I wouldn't feel so uncomfortable with this whole arrangement. But I did grow up in Nebraska and there are lots of farms in the state, and it still just weirds me out and seems to be one very clear case when breast is not best.

What do you think of this boy drinking milk directly from a cow -- outrageous or not that bad?

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