Radio Station's 'Win a Baby' Contest Is Genius

babyThe summer between seventh and eighth grade, my friend Kelly and called Mix 107.3 every night trying to win whatever they were giving away. From Counting Crows tickets to a pair of jet skis to a romantic getaway in the Virginia hillside, we called and called, but never won. And had the radio station been giving away a baby, we would've called, too. Oh, because that's a thing, you know. Radio stations actually do give away human babies. Hot 89.9 in Ottawa, Canada is having a "Win a Baby" contest.

Cue Oprah: You get a baby! You get a baby! You get a baby!


The contest was announced over the weekend, and listeners are both outraged and supportive. OK so they're not giving you a bundle of joy per se ... it's not like they have a baby sitting in the station storage closet next to the jet skis and piles of tie-dye t-shirts with a bow on its head.

The station is giving away three fertility sessions at a local clinic -- a prize value worth over $35,000. To win, contestants must write a letter saying why they want the IVF, then the winner will need to undergo a physical and mandatory meeting with a fertility specialist.

I think it's a great idea. IVF is super expensive, and if this radio contest can help a couple start the family they've always wanted, then more power to them! One listener says there's a morality issue involved, that explaining to your kid that you paid for their conception from a radio contest is some sort of horrible thing ... but I don't see it that way. In fact, I'd much rather hear that I was conceived that way than hear about the passionate night of love making my parents shared. Barf.

Hot 89.9's DJ says they're "actually trying to help somebody who couldn’t do this otherwise" and I couldn't agree more. I hope the winner has a healthy and happy baby in the next year -- just hope it's not named "Eighty Nine Point Nine."

What do you think?

Photo via efleming/Flickr

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