Dad Who Let 4-Year-Old Drive Should Be Charged (VIDEO)

4-year-old driving carI am all about pushing kids outside their comfort zone and not letting age limit them when it comes to some activities. But when it comes to something like, oh, say, driving a car on a majorly busy road, then yeah, age matters, a LOT ... especially if you're only 4.

A dad in China had no such boundaries, however, and put his toddler daughter, Jia Zheng, behind the wheel. She proceeded to maneuver down a busy four-lane road, even stopping at traffic lights. She's actually a pretty good driver moving in and out of traffic ... in a terrifying sort of way. You have to see it for yourself.


I kept wondering how she was pressing the gas and brakes, and then at the end, you see the father remove wooden blocks or some device from the pedals that allowed her to reach them. Convenient, but what I want to know is why.

Why the hell would this guy risk his life and the life of his daughter to have her drive on a busy road at the age of 4? For fun? To get into a good preschool, perhaps? It seems reckless (did you notice she wasn't even wearing a seat belt?!) and likely just an insane attempt to get a good YouTube video. If that's the case, I guess it worked, because here I am writing a post about it, but certainly not because I think there's anything good about it.

In fact, I wouldn't be surprised/disappointed if Chinese authorities got a hold of this tape, tracked him down, and charged him with some sort of punishable offense. You can't charge someone with stupidity, but if you could, that would be perfect.

Would you ever let your child drive a car down a busy road like this? Why do you think this dad did?

Image via YouTube

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