By Far the Best Thing to Come Out of Hurricane Irene

pregnancy test ladyWell, well, well ... guess what happens when everybody's forced to stay inside with no TV or Internet? Apparently people turn to a more old-fashioned form of recreation. Some might even call it the oldest recreation in the book.

Yup, couples resort to having sex when there's nothing better to do, as this morning's spike in Google searches for "early signs of pregnancy" suggests. Speculation about a Hurricane Irene baby boom started swirling while most people were still in the dark (insofar as electricity goes). At that point, the general reaction was: "Whatever, that's just crazy talk." But Google Trends don't lie! Everybody really was getting busy when Irene came to town.


This isn't the first time in history a natural disaster has been linked to a bumped-up birth rate. The number of births increased nine months after The Great Blackout of 1965, Hurricane Andrew in 1992, Hurricane Ike in 2008, and last year's "snowmageddon."

Why no Hurricane Katrina baby boom, you ask? Excellent question. Apparently, whether or not a storm results in heaps of hanky-panky depends on its severity: If everybody's in serious, holy-god-we're-gonna-die mode, they're not all that turned on. If, however, people are just stuck inside, unable to Facebook-stalk friends from first grade or catch up on the current season of Weeds, they start lookin' pretty dang good to each other.

I just can't wait to see how many Hurricane Irene babies are actually named Irene. How much do you want to bet some celeb or other is going to go full-on obvious and name their kid Hurricane?

Will you be welcoming a Hurricane Irene baby? Hmmm? Will you??

Image via Bart Everson/Flickr

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