Superhero Dad Saves Boys From Being Crushed by Tree During Hurricane

tree downWhen it comes to devastating natural disasters, silver linings are few and far between. But the story I'm about to tell you definitely qualifies -- in fact, I'm upgrading this one to a platinum lining. Whatever you call it -- luck, divine intervention, excellent timing -- North Carolina dad Chris Miranda must be calling it a miracle.

The first incredibly fortunate thing was that Miranda just happened to wake up at 4:45 a.m. to get his 2-year-old son a drink of water ... mere seconds before he heard a thunderous crack and a huge tree came crashing through the ceiling.

As the only thing standing between the falling tree and his 2- and 4-year-old sons, Miranda had to make a decision fast ...


So he threw himself on top of his kids to shield them from the falling debris, and as soon as he could, he picked them up and ran to a bathroom on the other side of the house.

The scariest moment for Miranda had to be when he looked down at his 2-year-old and saw that he was covered in blood ...

"But when I checked him, it was my blood, so he was fine," Miranda said. "My other son didn't have a scratch on him."

Perhaps most amazingly of all, Miranda says his kids didn't even cry or get upset.

"They just looked up to me like I had just saved their lives," he said.

Well, he did just save their lives! The family moved from the bathroom to a music room built into the garage because Miranda figured that was the safest place to be; after that, they took shelter in a neighbor's house (which did not have an enormous hole in the roof, thankfully).

Miranda and his boys will be staying with neighbors for awhile, as he expects rebuilding his home will be a "long process." Still, he's not complaining -- he knows things could have been much, much worse

You just have to wonder, when this kind of thing happens -- what made Miranda wake up at that precise moment? Intuition? A benevolent force from beyond?

And whatever it is, how can I get me some of that bullet-dodging mojo?

What do you think made Chris Miranda wake up right before the tree crashed through his roof?


Image via Kim Woodbridge/Flickr

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