1st Grader With Long Hair & Earring Gets the Punishment He Deserves

Gareth ShandI love long hair on boys; from toddlers to grown men, I've always had a thing for guys with long, flowing locks. I don't have any sympathy, however, for a mom in Texas who is up in arms that her 6-year-old son, Gareth Shand, has been placed on in-school suspension for violating the school dress code by wearing his hair too long and sporting an earring.

We've seen cases like this before, and everyone is outraged that the child -- especially one who is growing his hair out for cancer victims (Gareth is, according to his mother, growing it for Locks of Love) -- isn't allowed to show his creative side. Those big mean school officials are trying to hamper kids' creativity; they just want to turn them into boring little conformists; no way, we want our children to express themselves!

Fine, but if it's against the rules, it's against the rules; and parents who encourage kids to break those rules are just setting a bad example and asking for trouble down the road.


It is a public school, and while I might argue that public schools should not have such dress codes, if they do, those are the rules. If you don't like them, then work to change them, or home-school your kids. Don't make them into rule-breaking rebels in the first grade.

Kandi Shan, his mother, told KENS5 they're not backing down. "He'll be sitting in the principal's office every day," she said. Great, I'm sure he'll be learning a lot in there. That's the thing that's most upsetting in these situations -- it's not really about what the kids want or is good for the kids when they're this small; it's about the parents wanting to make waves, garner attention, and somehow feel noble.

It will be interesting to see who caves first, the school or this family. I just hope poor Gareth, who by the way is all sorts of adorable with that long hair, doesn't fall too behind in his studies -- the REAL reason he should be attending school, not to make a fashion statement.

Do you think this boy should be suspended for wearing long hair and an earring to school?

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