My Toddler's Top 10 Reactions to MTV VMAs & Beyonce's Pregnancy

mtv vmas lady gagaAgainst our better judgment, my husband and I thought it might be fun to watch MTV's 2011 VMAs with our kids this year. After all, we're on the West Coast and it's on early, and our kids love the tunes. We also both worked in the music biz, so it's part of our DNA. So we threw caution into the wind, had faith that Lady Gaga and Katy Perry (and her husband) wouldn't do anything too incredibly vulgar, and turned on the red carpet.

Other than the LMFAO dude pantomiming a penis, I think it went very well. And the robot was distracting enough for my 2-year-old to not notice a grown man was acting like a middle schooler. Of course, I'd like to thank god they both went to bed before Lil' Wayne did his thing.

Here are the top toddler moments of last night's VMAs.


10. Britney Spears wins for Best Pop Video and my daughter asks, "Who's that?" Clearly this kid has only been alive for a few years.

9. Stars from shows like Teen Wolf, and something else I didn't quite catch, show up and I have no idea who they are, much to my children's dismay. I also couldn't figure out why Ira Glass was talking to them. Isn't he, like us, way too old for the VMAs?  Either way, my kids realize I am not the all-knowing rock mama they previously believed I was.

8. As Nicki Minaj rolls down an escalator in a medical mask and a whole lot of other crazy, my daughter says, "Is she a weirdo?" I want to answer, "Yes, but incredibly talented and creative," but I'm way too exhausted by all these pop stars trying to out-freak show each other.

7. Forty-five minutes in, my kids have already memorized the Taco Bell ad.

6. Explaining why Justin Bieber suddenly has glasses.

5. My daughter thought there was a baby in Foo Fighters. My son was just excited to see someone close to his own age.

4. Explaining why Justin Bieber keeps making "those faces" when people win awards.

3. Beyonce's baby bump confuses the kids. Unlike the rest of the world, they could give a crap about what will probably be the most talented baby ever born. They just want to hear her sing "Single Ladies."

2. The epic meeting of Jay-Z and Kanye was not lost on our fans of "American Boy" and "Empire State of Mind." What was particularly confusing was, "How do Kanye and Jay-Z know each other?" Dad explained they probably go to the same parties.

1. And of course, Lady Gaga's inspired performance that my toddler could not stop watching. Especially exciting was the addition of Brian May on guitar, or "that guy we saw at Baskin-Robbins," according to my daughter who has clearly been living in Los Angeles for too long. Here's my son, and Gaga:

Would you let your kids watch the VMAs?

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