Fox News Guest Thinks You Should Beat Your Kids

Bill CunninghamI'm going to go out on a limb and say we've got a first here. Right-wing nutjob Radio talk show host Bill Cunningham showed up on Fox News this week to suggest child abuse is totally acceptable ... provided you do it with love. Yuppers, Cunningham told Sean Hannity parents should beat their kids.

Literally. Beat their kids. His exact quote was: "I say beat kids appropriately and with love." Now we've all heard the arguments. Spanking parents say they're just disciplining their kids, but golly gee willikers it doesn't mean they don't LOVE them. Non-spanking parents say there's a difference between tough love and "tough" love. I never thought the two sides would come together, but here we are.


Granted, I'm firmly in the "no way am I putting a hand on my kid's tushie" camp. But I'll say this for most of the pro-spankers. The average mom or dad who practices corporal punishment tries to justify it by insisting that they DON'T believe in child abuse.

And then there's Cunningham. Who just admitted he's a big fan. Oh wait, he said he does it "with love." What a mensch!

Why doesn't he tell that to the 3 million kids who are abused every year, 80 percent by a parent or someone close to them? Plenty of those parents love their kids. Some are suffering from mental illness. Some were abused themselves and knew no other way to treat their kids. Some are working on the misguided notion that what they're doing is "best" for their kids. None are right.

Love isn't an excuse. You can't go out and beat the snot out of an adult, then tell the judge that it's all OK because you love them. Assault is assault. Battery is battery. And "beating" the kids you love is child abuse. It's setting kids up for "low self-esteem, aggressive behavior, acting out, suicidal tendencies, running away, wariness of adults, withdrawal, inhibition, and school and social adjustment problems."

What do you make of Bill Cunningham's shocker? Do you believe in beating your kids?


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