Revealing Pics of Octomom's Naked Belly Shock the World

nadya suleman octomom bikiniWhy Nadya Suleman, aka Octomom, would choose to expose her belly to the general public in full-color, close-up photos is something I definitely don't understand. But then, I've never really understood anything Suleman has done, so I guess that's no surprise. The actual pics, though, did come as a surprise. That was NOT the belly I was expecting, okay?

Suleman released the shots over the weekend, after winning a boxing match for b-list celebs in Fort Lauderdale. (Sure, why not?) She's posed for the images in some kind of sporty outfit, and is helpfully pulling her top up and her bottoms down (the better for the camera to zoom in, of course). But what did the camera capture ...


I was prepared for scars -- serious scars. The woman was pregnant with eight babies at once, for Pete's sake! I was also prepared for severe sagginess. After all, I remember when Kate Gosselin, brave girl, showed America her (pre-tummy tuck) abdomen on TV ...

Quite frankly, I still haven't recovered. Poor Kate! The way she looks in a bikini now? Miraculous. Nothing short of miraculous.

Anyway, since Suleman carried even more kids at one time than Gosselin, I was bracing myself for even more scars and sag. But guess what?

Considering what the Octomom put her belly through, it really doesn't look all that bad. Check out her post-eight-baby belly and judge for yourself!

I'm not saying she has a six-pack or anything ... the signs of physical trauma are there, no doubt about it. But it's so much less horrible than I was expecting!

Although I must report that one of my Octomom bod-related suspicions has been confirmed -- clearly, those bikini pics she came out with awhile back were Photoshopped. To the max.

Not that I blame her. Nope, not a bit.

Does Nadya Suleman's belly look better or worse than you thought it would?


Image via YouTube

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