Risky Surgery Worth It to Make Toddler Look Like Mommy

toddler surgeryHow any adult could be heartless enough to call a toddler mean names because of a physical deformity, I can't even begin to fathom. But that's what people did to 3-year-old Connie Lloyd, calling her a clown because of the round, red tumor she was born with on the tip of her nose. Don't people realize that even the youngest of kids can tell when they're being insulted?

According to her parents, Connie would "turn her head" when people pointed or made comments about her nose. Not surprisingly, she was pretty shy in general ... until recently.


For years, her parents were told there was no cure for the tumor, classified as benign. Although I guess "benign" is a relative term: The growth wasn't cancerous, but it was expanding (both externally and internally), and doctors said if Connie scratched or cut the tumor, she could bleed to death. Surgery would be risky, but clearly keeping the tumor presented some major risks, too.

Can you imagine? Your little girl not only has a life-threatening deformity, she has a life-threatening deformity that she's ashamed of because cruel people are insensitive enough to call her names. Just horrible.

Thank god Connie's parents finally found a surgeon willing to operate on their daughter, and in the UK at that (where the family lives). The operation, which took a reported three-and-a-half hours, was a huge success! Connie certainly thinks so. Her reaction to the results?

Now her nose is "like her mum's."

Awww. Sweet little thing. I hope every person who called her a clown feels like a total Bozo.

What would you do if your toddler had a deformity like this one?


Image via Eric/Flickr

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