Toddler Who Survived Terrifying Fall Is Proof of Miracles

open windowIt's one of those things that can happen in the blink of an eye and forever mar a family's life. Aaron Train, 2, of Scotland, was supposedly sleeping in his bed when he saw a cat and decided to follow it. Unfortunately, the cat went out a window, and Aaron did too -- right down to the ground, 40 feet below. He landed on his head.

A neighbor said he saw something fly by and assumed it was a bag of garbage or something. Miraculously, the toddler missed a metal fence and anything else on the way down and landed on some grass. But still he landed on his head.


After three nights in the hospital, he was discharged after suffering no more than a fractured skull and some cuts and bruises. His mom said Train is a miracle in more ways than one. She told the Daily Record:

The doctors have described it as a miracle. They cannot believe he only has a fractured skull and some scratches. I already called Aaron my little miracle as it took me 10 years to fall pregnant. This has just made him all the more precious.

Whether you choose to believe it's a miracle or just a stroke of luck, it's undeniably incredible that anyone could survive such a fall, much less a toddler. Personally I think Aaron has one stellar guardian angel ... and likely a really hard head too.

Of course, the story is also a good reminder of the importance of window safety and how important it is that parents take precautions. Repeatedly we have seen stories this summer of toddlers falling from windows, and unfortunately, not all of them are as lucky as little Aaron.

Can you believe a toddler could survive a 40-foot fall? Do you think it's a miracle?

Image via Jay_de_92/Flickr

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