Fox News Should Be Ashamed of Calling Motivated Kids Names (VIDEOS)

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Fox News contributors KT McFarland and Joe DeVito
Fox News recently ticked off some youngsters who made a video to promote and Rebuild the Dream's Contract for the American Dream. Fox commentators openly showed disgust about kids being "used" to push an agenda and then went as far as to insult them, saying they didn't know what they were talking about and even calling them "dorks" and "bastards." Wow. And these are the best and brightest adults we can find to be on a conservative news station. They all should be ashamed of themselves.

This country needs nothing more than for our children to get educated about all sides of politics early. After all, who's going to get this country out of its current sad state, if not them?


WATCH this Fox & Friends segment first:

The Fox & Friends hosts have some nerve criticizing these kids and claiming, "They don't know what they're talking about." So does that mean kids can't form opinions based on the political education that they're receiving -- because I do believe that's how we all learn about politics? From our parents and our families and our teachers and our pastors, who, obviously, don't know everything but help us learn to see different perspectives. Sure, the points these kids were delivering were a little high-brow coming from kids, and surely there's no way they can understand all the ins and outs of every point they're making (although neither can our current nor prior administration apparently). So we should insult them? On national TV? As if they're trying to run for President?

The commentators then go on to say it'd be fine if kids first got an educational foundation from the Boy Scout pledge, 10 Commandments, and the Constitution, but I could argue that all three could also be used to push a "biased agenda," depending who's doing the teaching.

Kids do understand that their parents are out of work. They understand that their teachers have no budget for classroom supplies. We have to help them see that there can be solutions, depending on the political choices you make, and that many people's ideas of solutions differ. That's our job as parents and adults.

WATCH how Fox News then took things too far:

Is this comedy? Because last I checked, the only place you could almost get away with calling kids "dorks" and "little bastards" was on the comedy circuit. Late at night. With a two-drink minimum. Or, you know, in junior high school behind the lockers.

Well, one of the students who participated in the promo had a good response for the bullies on Fox News:

We should be applauding these kids for caring, for wanting to make change. For understanding that the joblessness and the cuts to education and the wars and all the crap they're seeing go down in the world ultimately are in their hands.

I say get their minds working in this way as early as we can -- because even the brightest men and women we have in power these days aren't proving they know much more than a bunch of kids. It's tough stuff. We need to promote action and movements and political excitement. And I say we need all the fresh, new, inspired minds we can get to rebuild our country, and these ones will be ready before we know it.

Shame on you Fox for allowing adults to criticize kids who are aspiring to make a difference -- kids who might not want to grow up and be condescending and disrespectful just because they have a seat on a network news show.

What's your response to how Fox News handled this?


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