Missing Teen Found Alive and Well!

bus stationPartly because I'm a mom, I guess, I hate to write stories about lost kids. I hate these stories so much that I literally get a stomachache when I sit down at the computer. I hate these stories so much that they make me want to take my kids and run away to some fairytale village where nothing bad ever happens to anyone.

The good news is, this is NOT one of those stories. In fact, this is the polar opposite of one of those stories. I promise you, reading this will not give you nightmares. My stomach doesn't even hurt right now!


Seventeen-year-old Nathan Carman went missing from his home in Middletown, Connecticut, on Thursday. Apparently he told his parents he was going fishing, but never returned. Now, I know you're probably thinking something like, A 17-year-old boy? That's not "going missing," that's "running away." But Nathan isn't your average teen. He has Asperger's syndrome, which made his parents worry even more about where their son might have gone. Nathan had never stayed out after dark before.

So I can only imagine the tremendous relief Nathan's family felt when police found Nathan on Monday night in Virginia, about 30 miles away from the North Carolina border.

Not only was Nathan completely unharmed, from the sounds of it, he was having himself quite a little adventure: He'd taken the bus to Hopewell, Virginia, where he then bought a motorized scooter. His plan was to ride the scooter to Florida.

There are no details yet as to why Nathan decided to make this sudden trek. He was carrying two pictures of himself with his recently deceased horse (was he going to a horse farm in Florida?), but those are the only clues to emerge so far.

We can be sure of one thing, at least: Nathan's parents are thrilled to have him home, no matter what his reason was for disappearing in the first place.

Do you love reading stories about lost kids with happy endings?

Image via Jeremy Quist/Flickr

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