Mother of 3 Kids Wanted by FBI Can't Escape Heartbreak

fugitive siblingsAs a mom, you hope that your kids will have good relationships with each other when they grow up. You know, that they'll be the kind of siblings who take vacations together and barbecue at each other's houses, as opposed to the kind of siblings who avoid each other all year and turn every holiday dinner into a drunken blame-fest. But the three siblings currently on a crime-spree spanning at least two states?

That's not exactly what I'd call "quality family time."

Grace, Dylan, and Ryan Dougherty, ages 29, 26, and 21, respectively, are the target of an FBI manhunt for shooting at a police officer in Florida before robbing a bank in Georgia. They're considered armed and "extremely dangerous."

But of course their mother, Barbara Bell, doesn't think of them as hardened criminals ... in fact, she seems to believe she can still get through to them ... as her children:


"Please prove me right and everybody wrong by doing the right thing now, and turning yourselves in," their mother said in a public appeal.

Bell also told the police that on the day of the robbery, she got a text message from her son Ryan which said, "At some point, we all have to die."

I can't imagine how Barbara Bell must be feeling right now. Bad enough when one of your children gets into serious trouble, but all three? Of course, each sibling is already a convicted felon; apparently, they also built a "sophisticated" underground bunker beneath their home and own an impressive arsenal.

So I'm going to guess she saw this one coming, but still.

I'm also going to guess that Barbara Bell is doing a fair amount of where did I go wrong thinking. And while it's probably safe to assume that the Dougherty kids didn't have the best upbringing ever, considering how they turned out, we can't assume that this is all the mother's fault. Who knows what other variables came into play when Grace, Dylan, and Ryan first started breaking the law?

Anyway, what's done is done, and I'm sure at this point Bell's main concern is that her kids come back safely, even if it means they come back in handcuffs.

But what a horrible place to have to be, as a parent -- knowing that the safest place for your children is jail.

How would you feel if these were your kids?


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