Pen-Eating Toddler Teaches Us a Big Lesson

ballpoint pen greenToddlers are a very curious bunch -- so curious, in fact, that they like to SWALLOW FOREIGN OBJECTS while investigating their surroundings. Where we might take a look, toddlers take a lick.

Remember the toddler who swallowed a screwdriver or the other kid who swallowed a lithium battery!? Yikes! And you'll never guess what the latest tot has swallowed down -- GULP! -- why, a most delicious writing instrument, of course. No chewing involved. A ballpoint pen completely in tact. OUCH!

Well, if nothing else, this little girl's very accomplished skills (it just couldn't have been that easy to get that thing down the hatch) can serve as a big lesson for all parents of little ones.


Everyone likes to say toddlers are a bunch of picky eaters. Well, not so in all cases, it appears.

The lucky 2-year old girl in Montreal is thankfully now fully recovered after swallowing the ballpoint pen, which measured almost six inches in length! The awful part is that the Montreal Children's Hospital had to remove the pen with an esophagoscope, a slim tube equipped with a camera, which means the pen had to come back out the way it went down. I guess the alternative would be much worse, but ack! That poor child and those poor parents! What a scary nightmare.

Moral of the story -- lock up those writing tools and art supplies! -- or in a slightly less paranoid but wise response, keep a close eye on your kids when they're using pens, pencils, or even screwdrivers! Preschoolers will apparently stop at nothing when it comes to "getting acquainted" with these kinds of things.

Has your toddler ever swallowed a foreign object?


Image via AMagill/Flickr

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