Bracelet Saves Autistic Girl's Life

forestWith all the stories in the news about horrible things happening to kids who wander away from their parents, having a child who's considered a flight risk must be absolutely terrifying. Nova Scotia mom Jamie Earnshaw said she was constantly worried about what would happen if her 7-year-old daughter Emma should wander off one day. As Emma is autistic, that was a real possibility.

But peace of mind came just in time, in the form of a Project Lifesaver transmitter bracelet. A wristwatch-type of accessory, Project Lifesaver bracelets transmit signals that get picked up by a receiver antenna used by search teams to locate kids when they go missing.

Which Emma did -- go missing, that is.


Just as her mom always feared she might, Emma slipped out of sight one day as they were visiting a friend. As soon as she realized her daughter was gone, Jamie called 911 and told them about the Project Lifesaver bracelet on Emma's wrist (which Jamie purchased less than two weeks before!). Here's the amazing part: Because of the bracelet, search and rescue teams were able to locate Emma in a heavily wooded area just 25 minutes later. Apart from a few scratches and "bug bites," she was, thank god, totally unharmed.

I'd call that money well spent!!

Finding a 7-year-old (who doesn't necessarily want to be found) in a dense forest (filled with lots of ponds and winding, rocky streams, no less) sounds like the stuff of mom nightmares to me. Neither of my children is autistic and I still find the idea of these bracelets extremely appealing.

So I wish Jamie much luck in her goal of spreading the word to other parents of autistic kids about Project Lifesaver bracelets!

Would you buy a Project Lifesaver bracelet for your child?

Image via Joshua Mayer/Flickr

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