Insane Mom Demands $46,000 a Month in Child Support

moneyIf you thought Linda Evangelista went over-the-top with her infamous quote about "not getting out of bed for less than $10,000 a day," wait 'til you hear what she's asking in child support for her 4-year-old son, Augustin: $46,000 per month. I'm sorry, what? Did you say $46,000 PER MONTH?

Granted, the father of Evangelista's son is multibillionaire French businessman Francois-Henri Pinault, who could probably find $46K under the cushions of his couch. And Evangelista is probably a tad bit miffed that Pinault fathered a daughter around the same time Augustin was born with another woman -- his now-wife, Salma Hayek. (Pinault and Schwarzenegger should go out for a few beers.) But to go to court over such an outrageous sum -- especially right now, given our country's current economic climate -- is obscene. It's outright tacky, is what it is.

If I were the judge, there's only one way I would award that much money to Linda Evangelista, or anyone else, for that matter ...


And that would be if Evangelista, or whoever, agreed to donate the majority of that money to charity every month (another acceptable option: help pay off our national debt on an installment plan).

There's just no legitimate reason why anyone would need that much cash to live, and live exceptionally well at that. I know little kids are expensive; I've had a couple myself. But unless Evangelista gets all of Augustin's action figures dipped in platinum or pays Johnny Depp to dress up like Jack Sparrow to tell the kid bedtime stories, there's no way all that money is going to the care of her son (which is what "child support" is supposed to do, right?).

Meanwhile, scores of other children around the world starve to death before getting the support they need.

Perhaps Evangelista needs a lesson in Charity Work 101 -- are you reading this, Angelina Jolie?

Do you think Linda Evangelista's child support demands are outrageous?


Image via David Beyer/Flickr

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