Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood Got a Makeover

mister rogers neighborhood new showIs there anyone more beloved by Generation Xers and late-term Baby Boomers than Fred Rogers? We all grew up on the muted tones of Mr. Rogers' home and his neighborhood where he taught us how to be good citizens and that you should always take off your shoes when you enter a home. Fred Rogers passed away in 2003 and can never be replaced. But naturally a successful show will be mined again, in hopes of similar ratings, and now Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood will live again!

Only completely differently, and not with some young upstart who used to star on the Mickey Mouse Club trying to fill Fred's slippers. Instead, a former cast member will be leading the new PBS show for this generation of youngsters looking to learn social cues.


Daniel the tiger will take over as host, only not in his former hand puppet form. And actually, it's said to be Daniel's son (grandson?) that will be the new star of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood that comes to your television this fall. Living in the same area, and visiting the offspring of those who came before (I'm so hoping for new royalty from the loins of Lady Aberlin!), and the kingdom will still sparkle. Only this time, it will be animated. Which means, of course, the neighborhood has been cleaned up and won't be nearly as interesting as it was in the '70s. Just like half of Brooklyn.

While I will miss the soft-spoken Fred Rogers (and will be praying that Daniel the tiger won't have a crazy Elmo-esque voice), I do love the idea of the simple values of the show coming back on the air. Teaching my kids how to get along with others is one of the most important things I'll ever do. Any help I can get, even in the form of animated characters, is most welcome.

Will you watch the new Daniel the Tiger's Neighborhood?


Image via PBS

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