Breastfeeders May Break Records at the 'Big Latch On'

big latch onTo celebrate World Breastfeeding Week, breastfeeding moms gather all over the globe with one goal in mind: to get as many babies (and toddlers!) breastfeeding in one place at one time for the Big Latch On!

The groups I've gone to have consisted of a handful of moms and babies, but some of those moms have become dear friends to me. However, historically, there have been some huge turn-outs in the past! 

The event this year is this Saturday, August 6. Want to get involved?


La Leche League has a page of all of the registered sites, and universally, the event will take place at 10:30 a.m. You don't have to register in advance or anything -- just show up at the right place at the right time with your boobs and baby, though even non-lactating supporters are more than welcome.

Don't see a location near you? You can always check out the Big Latch On Facebook page to see if someone is trying to organize another one in your area, or you can go to their website and register to host your own event.

Nationally, Berkeley, California still holds the record with 1,130 nursing moms latching on little ones at one time. But in the Philippines, 3,738 women participated. That's a LOT of breastfeeding babies! Whoo hoo!

The event isn't always outdoors, though many moms choose to get together at parks and other nice outdoor venues. The purpose of the event, unlike nurse-ins, isn't so much a public statement of support, but a gathering of nursing moms for personal support, and just a celebration of breastfeeding and its numerous benefits and joys. It's a great place to make new mom friends and just have fun! Even if you're nervous, check it out.

Are you going to attend the Big Latch On?

Image via La Leche League

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