Nurse Ensures Soldier Doesn't Miss Son's Birth (VIDEO)

Mom and BabyJames Jesionowski is currently serving in the U.S. military in Afghanistan. As his wife, Denise, was getting ready to give birth to his first son in Cleveland, he faced the harsh reality that many of our soldiers do -- he wouldn't be able to be there when his child entered the world. A kind nurse, however, made sure he got to do the next best thing.

Geoff Petranek is the nurse who saw how he could make a difference in this family's life, and so he did. He coordinated the necessary technology and made arrangements so that James could attend his son's birth via Skype.


James told Fox 8 the family is overwhelmed with gratitude.

I'm a proud servant of our country and I do what I'm told. I do it honorably and I'm just proud to be able to experience this and still do my job, it's the best of both worlds.

What a wonderful gift Nurse Petranek gave this family. It wasn't in his job description; he just did it. He said in all of his years of nursing, this delivery was among his favorites. "Every delivery is a big occasion for the family and this would definitely rank in my top 10," he told the station.

For all the problems technology brings, this is one of the most amazing attributes it offers -- the ability to connect people. Hopefully with further advances, more military families will be able to virtually experience significant events if they can't be there in person. Life in the military certainly means giving up a lot, and our soldiers know that going to into their service, but the more opportunities we have to help them give up just a little bit less makes a huge difference in their lives and in the lives of their families.

Here's a video of the family, including little Richard, his parents, and proud 12-year-old sister telling the story in their words.


Have you or a family member ever attended an important event via Skype?

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