Toddler Left at Lake Reminds Us All to Slow Down

Lake NokomisA Minnesota family is breathing a big sigh of relief as their 2-year-old son was found safe yesterday after being left at the lake by himself. When leaving Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis, both parents thought the other had him. When they arrived at their destination, they discovered he was missing.

Police were called, a search ensued, and fortunately the boy was found safe. He'd been alone for an hour, and the horrible things that could have happened -- especially around a body of water -- are unimaginable. How could they? we wonder, but the truth is, it could happen to any of us.


I'm constantly counting my kids ... and I only have two. As busy as life is, I can completely imagine thinking my husband and I agreed on one thing, and finding out later that wasn't the case. Throw in hectic summer outings when you're trying to remember sunscreen, snacks, and floaties, and it's easy to see how chaos can ensue. I'm surprised more kids aren't accidentally left behind.

I've had plenty of brief moments at the market or somewhere without one or both of my children where I have to reassure myself that, yes, I did let my husband know I was leaving, that I did double check he was keeping BOTH of them. I'm not saying it should happen, but it's easy to see how it could when we let ourselves get too busy or too distracted.

I've found over the years that when it comes to parenting, I have to slow down and minimize distractions as best I can, or chaos will ensue ... and it still does. Fortunately, most of the time, that chaos has only resulted in minor things like forgotten sippy cups or misplaced lovies, but I know if I'm not extra vigilant, I'm just one sippy cup away from something like this happening.

Can you imagine how a family could leave a child behind at a lake?


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