Terrible Dad Posts Chilling Photo of Toddler on Facebook

If you thought it couldn't get worse than a baby taking bong hits on Facebook, think again. A dad in Australia, already facing firearm charges, posted a photo on Facebook of his toddler holding a loaded gun.

Maybe he thought it was hilarious. But a lot of people aren't laughing. It's really hard to imagine what would make someone think this is OK, but this dad apparently did. 

It's easy to see how someone might make an argument justifying this. Maybe. After all, don't many of us allow our children to play with toy guns? How is this different? And then we use our brains.


It's different because a toy gun can't kill you (duh). It's different because it's almost impossible to explain to a child that something isn't a toy when you've let them play with it before. It's different because IT IS DIFFERENT.

A toy gun can't go off and kill people. Besides, many parents don't even want their kids playing with toy guns. A child this young shouldn't even know what a gun is, let alone see one. I realize some people are more pro-gun than me, but come on. Can anyone really justify a 2-year-old holding a loaded weapon?

If you can, you might want to get your head examined. Your logic and your moral compass appear to be askew.

This baby should be taken away from this dad until he actually realizes why what he did was dangerous, stupid, and abusive, to boot.

Does this make you angry?


Image via The Knowles Gallery/Flickr

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