Crazy Daycare Teacher's 'Time Out' Policy Way Too Harsh

Choosing a person to trust with our children is one of the biggest (and scariest) decisions we make as parents. It took me years before I was willing to leave my kids with anyone other than family, and even when I was, I still had all kinds of fears.

You want people that love and nurture your children as much as you do. So stories where babies are treated poorly in daycare are really disturbing. In a recent case, a woman in Oregon allegedly locked a 15-month-old she was babysitting outside the house for a "time-out." She claims otherwise, but witnesses say the baby was screaming and begging to be let back in for an hour.


The first thing I bet everyone will do is harp on the poor mother who left her child with this nut bag. But let's be realistic.


Not everyone can (or wants to) stay home with their children, even those of us who have or do still need childcare from time to time. It's a necessity for many of us.

Therefore, you hire people you trust and you believe they wouldn't have applied for the job unless they truly loved and cared for children, right? Unfortunately it doesn't always work out that way.

In this case, the woman may or may not have thought she was doing the right thing, but it's so important when you have a sitter that you're on the same page with discipline. If you believe in talking things out and your sitter believes in time-outs, it could be traumatic.

And a time-out for a 15-month-old is a highly debatable practice. Personally, I wouldn't use that method with a toddler so young, but to each their own. Regardless, leaving a child -- any child -- outside the house for even a few minutes is dangerous. But when it's a baby? You aren't talking about discipline. You're talking about abuse.

This woman shouldn't be caring for young children.

Does this make you nervous about daycare?


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