Toddler Friendly Airplane Might Be Onto Something (VIDEO)

toddlers airplaneIt's been awhile since I've been on an airplane, so the pain of traveling with an active toddler is distant enough that I don't actually think it sounds like a form of torture. Perhaps I'm delusional and am only one flight away with my son in tow in reversing that decision. After all, I get the people who prefer an airplane without kids. I honestly do. Hey, I enjoy reading a book without someone kicking the back of my seat too.

But no matter where you stand on the child-free airline issues, these toddlers will make you want to hop on board the Turkish airline, Pegasus. In fact, it makes me want to take my 2-year-old crazy pants right to the ticket counter and head overseas. (Someone please stop me!!)

See how cute they are?


I don't even know what they're saying and I still think it's adorable! Mini airline pilot, you've stolen my heart. I also wonder if the Pegasus passengers watch this in-flight safety video, and then they suddenly have a little more patience with their fellow travelers who have kids in tow. Granted, normal toddlers are not so adept at buckling their own safety belts and listening to the announcements. Heck, my toddler can't even put his headphones on by himself.

Still, I'm loving this fantasy world where toddlers are not only in charge, none of them are throwing a sippy cup, nor begging for their fifth cup of juice. You know, since the first four were so helpful in calming him down. Okay, I'm back again to avoiding air travel with my toddler.

Does this video make you want to fly with your toddlers?


Image via YouTube

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