Toddler Saves Self From Drowning Thanks to Early Swim Lessons

This summer I had the scariest experience of parenting so far when my 3-year-old son almost drowned while we were on vacation. Seeing him floating face-down (even for five seconds) kept me awake at night for weeks after. When we got home from our vacation, I immediately signed both of my children up for swim lessons.

I had been waiting because of advice I read about children who try to swim too early and how that can actually be detrimental, but since we spend every weekend at my family lake house and the water is right there, I decided it was too dangerous to delay any further.

And then I read about this 2-year-old who managed to save herself after falling in a canal thanks to baby swim lessons. This is the reason for early swim lessons. Not being afraid of the water is key.


The little girl, who fell in while feeding some ducks, was able to roll onto her side and kick her way to the shore, all at age 2.

Although it isn't wise to take a baby swim class and have complete confidence in your child's ability to swim, the fact is, overcoming a fear of the water is the number one way to help children build comfort. If my son had been taking swim lessons from when he was little, he may have known how to flip himself right side up while wearing his life jacket and wouldn't have needed to be saved.

Starting August 1, my children will be in swim lessons twice a week for the foreseeable future. It took a scare to make me realize how much we needed it. I just can't stand the idea that for other families, it might end another way.

Do you do swim lessons?


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